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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Slim Down Saturday - All You Diet

I love to read All You magazine! Tons of coupons and easy, cheap recipes. I recently discover the website and WOW!!! If you think the magazine has a lot to offer, this website has all that and more.

Playing around on the website, I discovered the All You Reality Check Diet. Currently, the Diet is in Week 3 of 12, but you can check out the previous weeks with the links below. I really liked the Real Food Shopping Tips in Week 2 : Detox Your Pantry. Lots of good information there!!

I also like how All You posts next week's information on he Friday before. That way, I can gather all my information on Friday (or the weekend) and be ready as soon as I get up Monday. Thinking ahead is a good thing when losing weight and getting healthy!

Along with the topic of the week, there is a homework assignment, recipes, etc. I can't say it enough, lots of information!!!

Check it out and tell me what you think.

Week 1: Eat Real Food

Week 2: Detox Your Pantry

Week 3:

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