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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well, not currently as in right this minute. 

Currently as in starting tomorrow. 

I hurt already.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Challenge #12 - Kid's Theme

Challenge #12 is to create a item with a Kid Theme. I knew just what I wanted to do when I saw this. I've had this page in mind for awhile, but have never gotten the time to set down and actually create. I cut everything with my gypsy (love that thing!!) and even have the recipe right in front of me to type it up for you!! (Still haven't found the recipe for Challenge #4.

I just love this team photo of The Boy's first Tball team. They are all such cuties!!

(All papers were from my stash.)
Cricut Cartridge: Sports Mania
"Go Team" - width: 3.16in & length: 2.66in
Baseball Red and White layers - width: 7.29in & length: 7.00in
Team Banner - width: 6.00in & length: 2.80in

Plans were changed today. I had planned to scrapbook all day after church, but The Husband wanted to take me out to lunch for Mother's Day and who I am to say no?!?! So, while I didn't get to participate in all the Challenges at My Pink Stamper, I am happy with the two that I did do.  And, who knows? The deadline is tomorrow night. Maybe I'll sneak in another challenge or two.

*This scrapbook page is being entered in My Pink Stamper's National Scrapbooking Challenge #12 found here.*

Saturday, May 7, 2011

National Scrapbooking Day!!

Today is National Scrapbooking Day and for the first time ever, I am going to participate in some challenges that I found online. Luckily, the challenges are opened all weekend so I have time to go back and create. Some blogs are doing one challenge an hour. Now, there is no way that I will be able to do all of those, but I will pick and choose by the prize that is given away. 

So, be expecting lots of post from me on this blog. Each challenge requires a post and I've already found 3 that I know I want to do.

Let the fun begin!!!

Challenge #4 - Mother's Day Theme

I made this card today for the best mother in the world - MINE!! She is pretty awesome and  I love her so much. 

Mumsy (I love calling her that!!) loves flowers and while I don't have a cartridge with her favorite flower (irs), I know she will love this card anyway. 

(Note to self: Get 50 States cartridge. You need it!!)

I will put the recipe for this card up later. I can't find my paper where I wrote everything down. Also, sorry if there are some i's missing from ths post. My i key is not wanting to work. I've tried to go back and add any that I could find. Stupd i button -  making this so hard to type. Boo, i button!!  BOO!!!

For example, here's a sentence without me going back and fixing the missing letters.

 never knew how much the letter  was used untl  mssed t. t s used n so many words and s only mssed when t doesn't work.

Very annoying. 
Here's the sentence fixed. 

I never knew how much the letter i was used until I missed it. It is used in so many words and is only missed when it doesn't work.

 Anywho! Back on topic. I will add the recipe for this card later. Now, I'm off to find that missing piece of paper.

*This card is being entered in My Pink Stamper's National Scrapbooking Challenge #4 found here.*