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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

While The Boys Are Away....

....I will get 6 pages done!! Yes, I know it has been awhile. Okay, okay.....FOREVER!!! (Did you hear the little boy from Sandlot when you read that?) I was home alone and had just finished cleaning some on my Scrappin' Space and decided to make get some item finished on my long, long list.  
And here's the epiphany I had while scrapping booking tonight.....Ready?!!? 

Wait for it......

...and enjoy some pages while you wait.....

Getting ready for our ride!!
My style is simple. I never scrapbook anymore because everything I see online and in blogs is so detailed. While that is fine, I tend to get overwhelmed when I see that kind of stuff so I do nothing. I collect things. And collect and collect and collect.
Waiting for Thomas
I love all these different shots of Shane as he was seeing Thomas for the first time. The top left one is just too precious!!

I decided tonight that I am no longer a collector, but a scrapbooker.

BLERG!!! I uploaded these pictures with  my phone and deleted one. Now I can't get it back on here. There is one more adorable page and I can't show it to you. Eh, I'll try again tomorrow....maybe.

More Thomas pages coming soon......