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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I was just stalking my blog and was wondering why people never left comments on here. Am I just that boring and people don't want to comment? Do I actually have any readers? Sure, I have followers (love you four!!), but do those followers actually check in and read?

Then I noticed that there was no comment link for you to click!! D'oh!!! Somehow I had my settings set to where new post didn't allow comments.

So, now that is fixed along with an email link and link link (is that the correct terminology?) being added.

I am fully expecting comments from now on, dear readers. That means you!!

Alright, alright. You don't HAVE to comment, but it makes my day when you do.

Food Fest Until Friday!!!

Well, I did it.

I've really been praying about losing weight and why I struggle so much. I just can't so no to foods for some reason. I mean, what kind of hold does food have on me? Jeez!

So, I've been praying for God to show me what I need to do, to give me strength and guidance. I've always known that Weight Watchers was the only success I've ever had when losing weight. I just couldn't afford to pay for the meetings. I've tried to do the online program, but had no luck because I had no one holding me accountable. I need that person to answer to.

About a month ago, I started tutoring a little boy and with the $$ I am making doing that, I have more than enough to start WW again!! The cheapest WW plan is $40 bucks a month and I know that the money can used elsewhere. So while I've wanted to sign up, I waited and kept praying.

And guess what!!!

In the mail today came a WW flyer with coupons in it!! Coupons, I say!!! If you know me, I have become a coupon princess (not quite a Coupon Queen, but I'm getting there!!).

Which means on Friday, I am going to start WW again.

Which means for the next two days, I am going to be eating anything and everything I want.

Which means I will be wearing jeans to first weigh in to guarantee some weight loss in that first week. Sneaky, huh? ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Clutter - Part 1

I have decided that I have too much clutter in my life. To combat this, I did what any self respecting person would do and started searching the internet for ways to declutter. Yeah, I could just start cleaning and organizing, but I need a plan and I know there is someone out in BlogLand that would lead me on my journey to an uncluttered house.

Naturally, I found just the blog I needed within minutes. The post is called Transforming Your Mount Everest...One Hour at a Time and was written by Amy over at The original post can be found by clicking here.

In the post, she gives some great tips for starting on that problem area. The one piece of advice that I liked the most was to schedule a regular clutter date. Just one day a week. That's all. I can do that!! I am thinking about even taking before and after pictures *gasp* and posting them on here *double gasp* so you all can see my amazing transformation!!

Yes, yes I will. I will post pictures of my messiness *triple gasp*!!!!