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Friday, January 28, 2011

Holiday Craps

First of all, I should explain the title of this post. No, I will not be posting about Holiday Poo (deep sigh of relief) or gambling.

I have a friend and her little boy is the same age as The Boy. We met on the What to Expect Message board while we were pregnant and have kept in touch. Her little boy calls crafts "craps." Or used to. Anyway. Holiday Craps stuck and anytime I doing crafts with The Boy, HAS to be referred to as "craps."

This is the pumpkin that The Boy decorated for fall. He painted it all himself and even dumped the glitter. Yes, I am a brave woman.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Craft

One of our nightly routines after our prayers, is to say our Thank Yous. This is where The Boy thanks God for things He has blessed us with. I thought it would make a great Thanksgiving Countdown Craft. I recorded what The Boy said each night and would add it to our leaf ribbon. Note to Self: Think of cute name for this craft.

Since this was so long ago...well, two months....I cannot remember what cart I used to cut out the words. I did use vinyl. I love vinyl!! So many possibilities!!!

The leaves were cut from the Doodlecharms cartridge. I cut one for each day of November leading up to Thanksgiving and then cut some to write the items he was thankful for. That's 50 leafs in all. I then hot glued the numbered leafs to clothespins.
For some reason I couldn't get the close up picture to upload, but listed below are some of The Boy's thank yous. Keep in mind, he was only two when we made this.

My family
Rawrs (dinosaur sounds)
Bro. Gary (our pastor and my uncle)
Bro. Woody (our youth pastor)
My church
My butt
(The ceilings in the house are very high and he's always found this very interesting.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Recent (and not so recent) Crafts

These pictures are from a baby shower that some friends and I hosted for a dear friend. Sad to say, the friend was a cake decorator and that is the cake we had. Is that not the ugliest baby shower cake you have ever seen?!?! Totally not what I ordered, but it's what we got. And, yes, that is chocolate cake showing through in the bottom right corner. I had someone else pick up the cake for me and she didn't know what I had actually ordered so it was already paid for by the time I saw it. Which is fine. I just appreciate her helping me out!!
Anyway, it makes for a funny story.
 I used New Arrival to make this cute banner.
 Another friend made this adorable diaper cake. I can't take credit for it.
 Centerpieces for the tables
The popcorn center pieces were a big hit!!
Close up of the popcorn centerpieces.

I think everything turned out so cute!! I got a lot of ideas from the Cricut message board. That place is full of ideas!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

WW Modified

So, I am back on the weight loss wagon...AGAIN. I am doing WW, but I've modified it to fit my own needs. If it works for me, great. If not, I'll get back on the WW wagon full force.

I quit going to meetings to save a little money and am just doing the online version. Now, if you've read my blog before, you know I have to have a person who will hold me accountable. Someone who I know will be seeing my weight for that week. That's why I have more success when I go to the meetings. I know someone will be writing down my weight. They will know if I've gained, lost, or stayed the same. Will they judge me? No. But, I do better if I know they will see my weight.

With WW online, that person is not there. So, my wonderful sister-in-law has become my accountability partner. Each week, I text her my weight and how I have done. If I don't, she knows to ask me. She has my permission to call me and ask how my day has gone. I know I can call her and vent about wanting that candy bar.

Yes, at some point, I'm probably going to get mad at her because she is going to hold me accountable for my actions. But, I completely trust her because she has been where I am today. She knows what it is like to diet, exercise, and loss weight. How hard it is. She knows what to do about those midnight cravings.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Goals

I really don't like the word resolution so I am setting some New Year's Goals....just one really. (edited: maybe 2).

1. Do at least one crafty thing each week.

2. Take a picture of craft and blog about it.

So, this will start tomorrow. I have seven days to do something crafty. It could be a card, scrapbook page....anything.

Stay tuned!!