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Saturday, January 8, 2011

WW Modified

So, I am back on the weight loss wagon...AGAIN. I am doing WW, but I've modified it to fit my own needs. If it works for me, great. If not, I'll get back on the WW wagon full force.

I quit going to meetings to save a little money and am just doing the online version. Now, if you've read my blog before, you know I have to have a person who will hold me accountable. Someone who I know will be seeing my weight for that week. That's why I have more success when I go to the meetings. I know someone will be writing down my weight. They will know if I've gained, lost, or stayed the same. Will they judge me? No. But, I do better if I know they will see my weight.

With WW online, that person is not there. So, my wonderful sister-in-law has become my accountability partner. Each week, I text her my weight and how I have done. If I don't, she knows to ask me. She has my permission to call me and ask how my day has gone. I know I can call her and vent about wanting that candy bar.

Yes, at some point, I'm probably going to get mad at her because she is going to hold me accountable for my actions. But, I completely trust her because she has been where I am today. She knows what it is like to diet, exercise, and loss weight. How hard it is. She knows what to do about those midnight cravings.

I'll let you know how it goes!


Pam said...

ok so you blogged this after we left?!? wow, I'm impressed
if I attempt to following the blogwagons...which blog do I you update both?
btw, I have started excercising myself and just trying to cut back on what I eat some.....we'll see how that goes

LoserGirl said...

I update both. This one is linked to some message boards that I read so anyone can come and read it. My other is more personal, so I don't advertise that one as much. Right now, it is public, but I am probably going to change it back to private where people have to log in to read it.

Good luck on the exercising! I need to start exercising myself!