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Friday, June 26, 2009

And the Ranting Begins Again

Rant #1:
Why do I let a number get to me? I am ecstatic when that number on the scale goes down. It makes my day. It doesn't matter if it goes down by 2 tenths of a lb or 2 whole lbs. It went down and that is great.
Sadly, the same mood swing happens in the reverse if the number goes up. It absolutely ruins my day! I am mad, moody, and unpleasant to be around if that number doesn't goes down. I usually end up turning to food to make me feel better. Does it? Nope!
What happens if the number stays the same, you ask? Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. I'm relieved that it didn't go up, but I'm not discouraged because it stayed the same.
I really need to get over this obsession with the number on my scale. I struggle with it daily.

Rant #2: Why can't I remember anything? Numerous times I've been driving down the road and think, "That'll be something I should blog about." Then when I get in front of my computer, I can't remember what I was going to blog about.


Even worse, I can remember bits and pieces, but can't get it to come out right so I get frustrated and just don't blog.

Take today for example, I was driving through TBC and read a church sign that said something about children following your actions, not your advice (HEY! I JUST REMEMBERED IT! To Be Continued in another post.) I came up with this whole thing about my eating habits and setting a good example for The Boy. When I sat down to blog about it, I couldn't remember what I was wanting to blog about. (But, as you can see, I just remembered so now I'm off to write another post!!).

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Wise Man Once Said....

...Children follow your actions not your advice.

I saw this on a church sign in TBC today and thought how true it is. My weight has been on my mind a lot lately. I have started reading The Abs Diet and have actually learned a lot from it. When I have tried to diet before (and I say tried because I've never really gotten serious about it) I've just dieted by watching what I eat or following the WW plan. Well, this diet targets the most deadly fat on your body, the fat around your abs. I've never really learned what fats are bad and what fats are good for you. Sure, everyone knows fat on your body is harmful, but I've never took the time to find out why. This book explains it and better yet, is an easy read.

So, I've started getting more serious about this diet and have been thinking more about body fat, eating habits, and so on. When I saw this sign, my thoughts immediately turned to The Boy and how I really haven't been setting a good example pertaining to eating healthy. It's especially evident with cokes. If I want a coke at home, I have to practically hide to drink it. If not, he's asking for some and I don't want him to have it. I tell him no. Is that fair? He's too young to understand why he can't it (and why Mommy shouldn't) drink coke.

So I have to set a better example for my son. Not only in eating, but exercise as well. Well, truthfully in everything.

I think I'm going to make up some signs and post them in my kitchen and other places to remind me that The Boy is watching.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Number on the Scales Went Down!!!

I am so excited to see that number get smaller especially since last week it went up a little. This week I lost 2 lbs! So my total weightloss is 1 lb. It's a start. How weird that a number can make me so happy (That comment will be the topic of my next rant, but I don't feel like ranting right now because I feel too happy!!).

Saturday, June 6, 2009

R.I.P Daily Menu

I have decided to not post my daily eats on here. I don't like it. If I find a good recipe, I will share it, but I just don't enjoy writing about what I have eaten.

I will step on the scales tomorrow morning so here's to hoping I'm down at least 2 tenths of a pound. My scale measures my weight that precisely. That can be a good thing as long as you are losing weight. Not so exciting when the number is going up.

Clothes That Fit!!!

I was cleaning on the basement the other day going through boxes finding yard sale stuff. I came upon this big Rubbermaid tote that had all kinds of clothes in it that I had forgotten about: dresses, pants, shirts, a whole bunch of stuff! As I was going through it all, memories of wearing the clothes came back to me and I was enjoying my time down memory lane. These clothes had been boxed up for along time and I had honestly forgotten they were down there.

Well, I'm needing some clothes that fit so I decided to try them on. Who knows? Amazingly they still fit me! I had a whole new wardrobe. No more having to wear the same pair of pants. I now had more than two shirts to wear!

You would think that I would be super excited, right? Wouldn't you be excited if you had found some clothes you had forgotten about? Wouldn't you be excited that you didn't need to spend money just so you had more than 4 outfits to rotate?

Me too!

Well, I would have been if these clothes didn't happen to my maternity clothes!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What Do You Want to Read About?

I'm not sure who is reading this, but I'm going to leave it to you all what I post about. Do you want me to continue posting my eating habits for the day or would you rather read the rants? Personally, I think the Daily Menu makes for a boring read, but hey, that's me. Or you want both: A Daily Menu and A Daily Rant?


Do you really care? I know Lisa reads this and Brooke is a follower so I'm assuming you are reading, Brooke. Anyone else out there in blogland? Leave me a comment. Let me know you exist.

Oh! And I down 1/2 lb! Yay, ME!