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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Clothes That Fit!!!

I was cleaning on the basement the other day going through boxes finding yard sale stuff. I came upon this big Rubbermaid tote that had all kinds of clothes in it that I had forgotten about: dresses, pants, shirts, a whole bunch of stuff! As I was going through it all, memories of wearing the clothes came back to me and I was enjoying my time down memory lane. These clothes had been boxed up for along time and I had honestly forgotten they were down there.

Well, I'm needing some clothes that fit so I decided to try them on. Who knows? Amazingly they still fit me! I had a whole new wardrobe. No more having to wear the same pair of pants. I now had more than two shirts to wear!

You would think that I would be super excited, right? Wouldn't you be excited if you had found some clothes you had forgotten about? Wouldn't you be excited that you didn't need to spend money just so you had more than 4 outfits to rotate?

Me too!

Well, I would have been if these clothes didn't happen to my maternity clothes!

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