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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Recent (and not so recent) Crafts

These pictures are from a baby shower that some friends and I hosted for a dear friend. Sad to say, the friend was a cake decorator and that is the cake we had. Is that not the ugliest baby shower cake you have ever seen?!?! Totally not what I ordered, but it's what we got. And, yes, that is chocolate cake showing through in the bottom right corner. I had someone else pick up the cake for me and she didn't know what I had actually ordered so it was already paid for by the time I saw it. Which is fine. I just appreciate her helping me out!!
Anyway, it makes for a funny story.
 I used New Arrival to make this cute banner.
 Another friend made this adorable diaper cake. I can't take credit for it.
 Centerpieces for the tables
The popcorn center pieces were a big hit!!
Close up of the popcorn centerpieces.

I think everything turned out so cute!! I got a lot of ideas from the Cricut message board. That place is full of ideas!!


Mandi said...

THAT is a very yellow cake.

LoserGirl said...

I know!! The picture of the cake I ordered was not those colors. More pastelly and babyish.

Linda C said...

I think you could send the cake picture to ''! LOL

LoserGirl said...

I have considered that, Linda. It was much uglier before I stuck the baby decorations on it. Although, those didn't help much.