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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Challenge #4 - Mother's Day Theme

I made this card today for the best mother in the world - MINE!! She is pretty awesome and  I love her so much. 

Mumsy (I love calling her that!!) loves flowers and while I don't have a cartridge with her favorite flower (irs), I know she will love this card anyway. 

(Note to self: Get 50 States cartridge. You need it!!)

I will put the recipe for this card up later. I can't find my paper where I wrote everything down. Also, sorry if there are some i's missing from ths post. My i key is not wanting to work. I've tried to go back and add any that I could find. Stupd i button -  making this so hard to type. Boo, i button!!  BOO!!!

For example, here's a sentence without me going back and fixing the missing letters.

 never knew how much the letter  was used untl  mssed t. t s used n so many words and s only mssed when t doesn't work.

Very annoying. 
Here's the sentence fixed. 

I never knew how much the letter i was used until I missed it. It is used in so many words and is only missed when it doesn't work.

 Anywho! Back on topic. I will add the recipe for this card later. Now, I'm off to find that missing piece of paper.

*This card is being entered in My Pink Stamper's National Scrapbooking Challenge #4 found here.*

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