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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Good Week

This week had some mishaps, successes, and tantrums in the getting healthy aspect of my life. We'll start off with the bumps in the road and end with the successes.


* Didn't drink water each day
* Had a chocolate revolution on Wednesday. Ate chocolate all day. I craved it. It was pure madness
*Had a chip explosion on Friday. Two bags of chips in one day. Why, yes. Yes, I did.


*Very moody and grumpy because I wanted a Dr. Pepper and hadn't had one in a few days. (Note to Self: Apologize to The Husband)


*Drank more water than I have in a long time.
*One day of exercise is better than no days of exercise in a week.
*Realized that it is okay to drink that Dr. Pepper if it makes me a nice person. Food will not control my mood. (Note to Self: Make a plaque/wall hanging/bumper sticker/etc. that says "Food will not control my mood.)
*Lost 3.2 lbs!!!


April Celeste said...

I need to get my coworker Beth to train you...she's lost almost, well, a me. Just by counting a few points, eating healthy and working out. She's always saying she wish she had her own ranch to train people. She does treat herself from time to time. I say have the Dr. Pepper...but perhaps 1 bag of chips is enough? :) I couldn't give up would not. want. that.

Pam said...

Success !!