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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Slim Down Saturday - 5 Step to Get Started

No, we are not getting started on Slim Down Saturday. I already did that here, Silly! Today I am discussing how to get started on losing that weight you want to be rid of. Whether it's 10, 30, or 100 lbs. The first step is getting started!

For me, getting started seems to be the hardest step. After I lose a few pounds it's easier to say no to those Cheetos and Dr. Peppers. The following are a few steps that I have used to help me finally be successful.

Step 1: Start small - For the first week of my diet, I make one change. Add in a few minutes of exercise, drink more water, don't eat that dessert that you really want. Small changes add up to big weigh loss over time.

Step 2: Find a friend - Study after study shows that people have more success with weight loss if they have a friend along the way. This week, two other ladies and I decided to get together once a week for own little Weight Watcher-esque meetings. We are going to hold each other accountable, share recipes, share success stories, exercise, and do whatever else we can to help each other get healthy.

Step 3: Set goals (Mini or Big) - Goals don't just have to be getting to that perfect weight, either. Set exercising goals, food goals (eat more veggies), or mental goals. I have weekly goals (exercise 3 days this week, drink more water, etc) and overall goals (run a marathon, total weight loss, etc).

Step 4: Reward yourself - Don't forget to celebrate those accomplishments. For every 5 lbs I lose, I reward myself with something small. The last time I was dieting, I sat down with my husband and set up some bigger rewards because spending money was involved. At 50 lbs, I get an hour massage! (Note to self: Remind hubby of these rewards).

Step 5: Have a Diet Free Day - I have to have this to be successful. I give myself either Saturday or Sunday as a Diet Free Day - depending on our schedule. Plus, I only use my DFD if I have lost weight that week. It makes it so much easier to say no to those Cheetos on Thursday. I tell myself, "Wait to Sunday. Then go crazy!!"

Now, it's your turn. What tips do you have to add. Let's help each other out!!!

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