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Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Mama.

Those are the horrible words that I heard tonight. I did not like it.

Although our family isn't big "plan makers" and are more "fly by the seat of our pants," we do have a nighttime schedule. Since I don't work and am not a morning person, we have the luxury of being able to sleep in if we want --The Boy and I woke up at 11:30 today. Don't hate me.

I start getting The Boy ready for bed around 9:30. Each night that The Husband is home, he and The Boy go to bed and I --being a nightowl--leave them alone. They fall asleep and I go to bed much later.

Well, tonight The Husband was tired after working around the house all day. Added to that, The Boy had a late-marathon-4-hour nap. So, The Husband was ready for bed way before The Boy was. So he goes on to bed. The Boy and I stay up, watching TV, playing on the computer, and whatever else late night activities came to mind. At midnight, I noticed The Boy rubbing his eyes. He's one that likes to know what is going on, so when I noticed, I told him that we would be going to bed as soon as the show we were watching was over. He wasn't too happy, but said, "Ok, Mama."

Show went off; we head to brush teeth, take medicine, etc. We climb into bed -- yes, we co-sleep--and The Boy snuggles up to me. Now, remember, he usually goes to bed with The Husband.

After we said our prayers, The Boy was all over the place, throwing his arms around, singing, and playing. He would not settle down. I knew he was tired, but this was not his regular routine and he wasn't cooperating!!

After about 10 minutes, The Husband rolls over (I'm sure we woke him) and The Boy realizes Daddy is there! Out of the dark, I hear this little voice say, "Want Daddy." As soon as I said, "Daddy's right over there," my boy was out of my arms and in his daddy's. Not one movement, not one sound. Instant calm settled over our bed. I was amazed!

After laying there thanking God for all my wonderful blessings, I laid my hand on The Boy's head. The same little voice from before said, "No, Mama" and then yawned.

Well, I knew my place. I got out of bed and am now here, on the couch, telling my tale.

Sometimes a little boy needs Daddy's touch and not Mommy's.

:) Yay for daddy.

:( Boo for mommy.