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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Potty Training Woes

The Boy has no interest in being potty trained.

None, nada, zilch.

The Nephew who is 16 months older is potty trained and determined to help The Boy along the way. Whenever they are together, The Nephew takes him to the bathroom and goes through the routine, step by step. The Boy has no interest and it frustrates The Nephew to no end. It's actually quite comical to watch.

Today The Brother and The Nephew were visiting. They brought dinner and after eating, the boys were playing when all of the sudden, The Nephew freezes and stops what he is doing. In all the excitement of playing, he didn't notice that he needed to pee until it was too late.

He thought he was in trouble and didn't want us to notice. The Brother kept telling him it was alright and accidents happen, but The Nephew wasn't sure whether to believe him.

Finally after he was cleaned up, and we were walking back to the living room, I heard The Nephew ask The Brother, "Daddy, are you happy?"

How sweet. It was his way of making sure that his daddy wasn't mad at him.

Ofcourse, The Brother reassured him that all was fine and we all went on our merry way.

The Boy still isn't interested in the potty and I'm not going to force it. That day will come and until then, we'll pay out the wazoo for diapers.

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