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Saturday, April 24, 2010


A friend of mine does her posts as lists. I thought I would steal the idea. She'll never know.

1. I have a goal this week. I will post one thing each day. Monday through Friday. One post a day. I will do it. I will. Maybe.

2. I lost weight this week.

3. This blog started as a weight loss blog, but I think it's now just a blog.

4. I keep saying I'm going to move everything to the new blog, but keep forgetting about it. Does that make me a bad blogger? Do I care?

5. My list is not as deep and thoughtful as my friend's. That's okay.

6. I love storms. The sounds, the smell, the colors, the rain, the wind. It's all so beautiful.

7. I wish I had more than two followers.

8. I wish people would make comments on my posts.

9. The end.

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