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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Retreat to Complete - Day 2

My plan for these post was to include pictures of each day's pages/projects.

Yeah, not gonna happen. "Why not?" you ask.

Well, let me tell you. I can't get a good picture in here. Right now, of the eight people who are here, only three are still up working. The rest are in in bed. Considering it is now 11:30 that's probably a good idea, but shhh...don't tell them I said that. I just say they aren't as dedicated as me. :snicker, snicker: * And I don't want to start moving around this cabin trying to get good pictures and risk waking them.

So, I will give you a crappy picture that I am gonna call a sneak peek. 


It's the only picture I could get of The Boy before we left for school. It's a crappy picture (aka "Sneak peek") of a crappy picture. (How'd you like those play on words there?)

You can't see it very well in the picture, but beside the "First day of school" embellishment is a card that says "I love school". Well, that's wrong! so I x'd out the word love. I think it's the little things like that that make a scrapbook special.

The journal at the top says:
All I wanted was a 1st day of school picture. You wouldn't even look at me so I just snapped the only picture I could before we left. You crying because you didn't want to go.

My absolute favorite page that I finished is the one of him hiding behind a table at school. That picture will be coming soon.

*the little laugh...not the candy bar

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