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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Retreat to Complete - Day 1

Last night (a week ago - see previous post) I spent 2 hours packing. 2 hours! And that was just my supplies. Geez! It took me about 15 minutes to pack my clothes and personal stuff. 15 minutes. Is there something wrong with that?

My 7 bags of craft supplies

7 BAGS!!!!

Compared to my one personal bag (that kinds looks like a spotted frog's face) with a shoe to compare size.

Absolutely not! It's called being prepared to work on anything at any moment. It's called being crafty.
On the way to the retreat, we stopped at Scrapbook Village and did a little shopping. No worries, my craftastic friends, I stayed under my budget. The Hubs will be so proud.

Leaving SV, we still had another hour to hour and a half of driving time. It was such a beautiful drive up here and with good company, the time flew by!

Once we arrived, we unloaded which took forever!! Eight ladies who packed just like me (except with more for some of them)!! Seriously took us about 20-30 minutes to get everything unpacked.

Then ofcourse, we got right to work! *See below.* So far I have finished a mini - album for my Mom ('s a JBS {just because surprise}) and two pages of The Boy's 5th birthday.

Do you think we have enough stuff?

Hard at work on the other side of the room

For the rest of the night I plan on doing nothing! I'm just going to relax. My belly is full of yummy food (Oh my heck! I haven't even talked about the food that everyone brought! Another post, perhaps?) and my eyes are getting heavy.

And I get to do what I want for the next three days. This may be all I get finished. Then again, I may do about 20 more pages! Stay tuned!!

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