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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WW Week 4




Yep, I went back to WW after missing a week (or 2), not journaling, and just not following the plan.




Yep, I gain weight.


Desp.....oh, you get the idea.

The good news is that I only gained .6! I was hoping my gain would be less than a pound and it was. Whoop! Whoop!!


Jeanne said...

You can do it! Don't give up:) I will cheer you on, rah rah rah!!! See me shaking my pom poms???? I am;) If I can do this crazy P90X thing you can do it too!!! I totally suck at sticking with anything related to losing weight. But...I know that I reallly need to. I have 2 girls who need me to. I need to be healthy to watch them grow up and be able to run around with them without breaking a sweat after running 5 steps:) Or stumbling after getting my fat butt off the ground after having played with them on the floor. I will be your personal cheerleader:) YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO JILL GO JILL GO JILL:) :) :) :) :)

LoserGirl said...

Thanks for the cheers! I need them. The Boy is the reason I am doing this. Besides setting a good example, I want to be able to play with him and not be out of breath!

BTW, love your blog!!