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Friday, August 13, 2010

It makes me giggle.

I have decided to get serious about this scrapbooking and am in the process of changing my spare bedroom into a craft room. And by "in the process," I mean that I just thought of doing it last night. Now, I need to get started.


Another aspect of my seriousness is that I have joined the Cricut Message Board. Wow! Tons of ideas and inspiration!! Since I am going to link this blog in my signature, I signed up as LoserGirl. Gotta keep that real name secret, right? hehehe.

Well, I had to put a last name when I was registering so I used "Loser" as my first name and "Girl" as my last name. So now, when I sign on to the message board I get this wonderful welcoming message in the top right corner of my screen. So sweet of them.

What does the message say, you ask?

"welcome back Loser."

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